Michael Porter

Michael Porter  C.E.O.



“Our aim is to minimise our clients’ administrative burden and
at the same time maximise the benefit of their entitlement”

Our Services include:

  • Identification and Engineering Assessment of suitable projects
  • Identification and structuring of R&D staff
  • Recommendation of suitable data recording procedures
  • Follow up and discussion of annual registration information
  • Preparation and electronic lodgement of registration on behalf of the company
  • Complete and supply full documentation for company records including
    relevant R&D data required for the company tax return
  • Define and collate all financial data and supply a fully integrated printout

ADOES® - An R&D Costs Collection Service

Fulfills the essential requirement that R&D expense data “MUST be recorded CONTEMPORANEOUSLY”

In our more than 30 years experience we have found that the collection of data relating to R&D expense and in particular hours spent on research projects, has been time consuming to administer and is often understated. To overcome this significant problem we have developed special software which we call “ADOES ®” (Auto-prompted Data-collection On Encrypted Server.)

What does ADOES ® do for you ?

It automatically sends an email to each member or supervisor of the R&D team each week. This email has a link, which after requesting “Name” and “Password,” presents the R&D team member with an encrypted website which we create for the client in the company’s format and appearance. Menu driven choices for the following headings are then presented as follows :-

  1. The project on which he/she is working
  2. The research and development activities he/she has undertaken
  3. The number of hours worked in the chosen period
  4. Any expenses associated with the project.

This information gained is automatically stored on our server and is available to the R&D manager in a range of formats. The advantages of this system are that the data is requested and collected very quickly, 10 – 20 seconds, it is done automatically and requires no prompting from the project manager. It records the cost of the project in real time while fresh in the mind of the staff concerned. Very often hours worked are understated when they have to be recalled at a later date. The cost savings involved when using this system far outweigh our charges each year and provide a level of recording fully in accordance with AusIndustry requirements. Please ring 03 9789 4111 for further details.